Marketing Tips to Drive Revenue During COVID-19

Our team has gathered resources to help you navigate the COVID-19 situation - whether you've remained open or are preparing to reopen

This period has been incredibly challenging for so many and we want to support our tenants in every way possible. Here are some ideas to help you engage with customers online, increase awareness around your pickup and/or delivery offerings, and keep your business going strong during this unprecedented time.

Communicate. Tell your customers that you’re open for takeout and delivery on social media, over email, and on your website. Share your hours, open locations, special offerings and deals, delivery platforms, safety measures, and how every order is helping you keep your business running (from paying employees, to keeping the lights on).

Put Up a Sign. Located in an area with foot traffic? When customers are out for some much needed fresh air, they might walk by your business and peek inside. Put a sign on your door to let them know you’re open, and call out any of the delivery/pickup apps or websites you’re partnered with so people know where to look for you.

Promote Gift Cards. Encourage them to buy gift cards to use themselves, to donate to essential workers, or to save for a future holiday.

Connecting Digitally with Customers

Communicating with customers via social media has never been more important

Staying connected with your customers is vital, now more than ever. With so many people staying home, businesses are having to find creative ways to keep in touch with their customers. That’s where connecting with customers on social media can be a huge help.